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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQs) about the NCERT Books:

Marks scored by any student totally depend upon his/her preparation and performance during the examination. NCERT books would definitely make you strong in the fundamentals, which would ultimately help you correctly answer the various questions asked in exams. But to grasp the information given in NCERTs, students are advised to stay focused and attentive.

Given below are the important techniques which must be followed while reading the NCERT books in an effective manner:

  • Read each topic thoroughly by understanding the meaning and significance of each line involved in that particular topic.
    Wherever you find any topic complex or difficult to understand, take help from you teacher to clear the doubts.
  • Note down the important stuff to revise at the time of examination.
  • Solve all the exercise questions given at the end of each chapter. These questions are not only important for examination but are also essential for understanding the concepts in a better way.

Notes prove to be of great help during the examinations when you need to revise the whole syllabus in less time. So, while reading a chapter from NCERT book, it’s essential to jot down all the important terms, definitions and formulae in the form of revision notes.

When you want to make notes from NCERT book, it’s not like that you read something and write it on the notebook. You should read and understand each topic and then make notes of important points.

  • Read a passage, page or particular topic properly.
  • Understand it.
  • Note down the same in your own language in the summarised form.
  • Wherever needed, use diagrams in your notes for quick learning.

The questions and answers given in NCERT textbooks at the end of each chapter are quite important not only for examination but also for understanding the concepts in a better way. These questions are provided to test the students’ understanding and learning over the topics that they have learned in the chapter.

Solving the NCERT exercise problems will help you

  • clear all the concepts and formulae you learned in a chapter
  • familiarise with different types of questions that might be asked in exams          
  • get enough practice which is key to succeed in Mathematics exam
  • improve your accuracy and speed

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