About Us

At Digigyanshala, we are group of professionals having vast experience in the field of Digital Marketing, SEO, SMM, Graphic Designing, Mastering Youtube Training. We are having highly motivated training faculty, expert in respective subjects and on art of delivery. We are providing training in the field of Website design, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Graphic Designing, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, AWS and Personality Development to the Senior executives and aspiring jobseekers.

We have designed and delivered courses for fresh graduates, entrepreneurs, working professional, students and Freelancers. These courses have given boost to both businesses and careers of the candidates. The courses are so designed that it gives hands-on experience to the students. The practical sessions, assignments and projects are so placed that the students, after completing the course are full of confidence and are Ready-to-Go for opportunities.

In todays world the business are more and more getting driven by their Online presence. Businesses need to focus on Digital Marketing and their Social Media Presence to be ahead of their competition. AWS is gaining more & more market share of online businesses happening across the world.

With the vast experience we have in the field of education we felt the need for courses for the budding teenagers who are Tech Savvy, full of energy and ideas. The courses on offer are designed so that the teenagers can grasp the fundamentals and technicalities of the course and practically see their innovative ideas taking shape. The courses are delivered in simple formats making it easy for teenagers to grasp the concepts and motivate them to experiment their curiosities. Each student is having his own idea being worked on. They finish the course with their own completed project which can further be developed and nurtured in converting it to earning stream.

How Digigyanshala Impact student's life

Students are encouraged to inculcate new ideas, guided on process to give shape and convert them to working models. The courses contents are delivered and students are supervised to practice it live. This helps them understand the concepts, technicalities and practical delivery. Most of the courses ends with giving guidance on how to monetize their ideas. On completion of the course the students are full of confidence and Ready-to-Go.


We are having highly motivated training faculty who are having flare to teach. All these trainers are practicing professionals. They not only have updated knowledge on the latest information on the subject but also have practical experience to guide the students on shaping their innovative ideas.


Each student work on their own projects and see their ideas taking shape. With well drafted assignments and projects, students not only learn the subject but practice it live. Our trainers mentor the budding ideas of students to working models.


You will be given certificates by Digigyanshala once you complete your course. Digigyanshala is training partner to multiple platforms and courses are designed to meet their standards.