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Certification Programs for All

Marketing Analytics Certification Program

A unique certification program that helps you analyzing all your traditional and online marketing data, thus enabling you to take more accurate decisions and better understanding of your market and customers.

Marketing Analytics Certification Program

Data Analytics

The main aim of this module is to build foundation of your analytics journey.

Marketing Analytics

Data in marketing is crucial and analyzing it to get a insight of what, where and when your customer is demanding

Web Data Analytics

To understand who, how, how many and from where your customers are searching, finding and connecting you online

Who Should do this?

The course is designed for all. We teach basics with non-technical and real-life examples. However, since there will be Mathematical relations and theories, a candidate with Mathematic background till Class 12th (for CBSE) or Class 10th (for ICSE) or tutee of statistics will have higher understanding of few essential modules of Data Science.  


Best For MBA/PGDM - Marketing Students BTech/Msc/MCA/BCA – IT Students MBA/PGDM – All Stream Students

Working Professionals

Best For Marketing Professionals Digital Marketing Professionals Business Analysts Top Level Management


Best For E-commerce Business Ideas B2B Companies Retail & Food Chains

Get Certified From Digigyanshala

On successful completion of the Mastering Youtube Course, you will be awarded an certificate which will certify you as a master in Digital Marketing. We are renowned amongst India’s top brands and ad agencies for being an MBA level intensive programmed and hence this certification will go a long way to showcase your industry readiness. This Post Graduation shall also help you prepare for Google and Facebook certifications.

Data Analytics

The main aim of this module is to build foundation of your analytics journey. It provides a depth knowledge on how actually data analytics works. It starts with basic statistic knowledge and gradually teaches you on obtaining, cleaning, getting meaningful answer to desired analytic questions and finally to present it on beautifully to your audience.

  • Statistics Nature
  • Variable and Organizing the data
  • Describing Data
  • Measures of Center
  • Measures of variation
  • Probability Distribution
  • Sampling Distribution
  • Estimation
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Summarization of Bivariate Data
  • Scatterplot and correlation coefficient
  • Obtaining and Cleaning Data in EXCEL
  • Obtaining and Cleaning Data in R
  • Obtaining and Cleaning Data in Python
  • Understanding Regression Analysis and Variables
  • Understanding Simple Linear Regression
  • Understanding, Estimating and Predicting with Simple regression Model
  • Understanding Multiple Linear Regression
  • Understanding, Estimating and Predicting with Multiple regression Model
  • Understanding Outliers and influential data
  • Understanding Time Dependent Regression Model
  • Understanding Non linear Regression

  • Data Analysis in Excel & Using VBA
  • Basic Programming in R
  • Basic Programming in Python
  • Basic Programming in SAS
  • Basic Programing in SQL
  • Using Tableau
  • Using SAP BusinessObjects & Analytics Cloud 
  • Data Manipulation in EXCEL
  • Data Manipulation in R
  • Data Manipulation in Python
  • Visualization of data in EXCEL
  • Visualization of data in R
  • Visualization of data in Python
  • Visualization of data in Tableau

Marketing Analytics

Once you have a better understanding of how analysis works, you can implement it to your marketing projects. Data in marketing is crucial and analyzing it to get a insight of what, where and when your customer is demanding, gives you an edge over others. 

  • Nature of Marketing Insight
  • Planning the Research Project
  • Secondary Data
  • Sampling
  • Qualitative Data Collection & Analysis
  • Quantitative Data Collection & Analysis
  • Evaluating, Reports & Presentation
  • Applied Marketing Research
  • Marketing Research Settings
  • Global Marketing Research
  • Marketing Decisions
  • The Consumer & Brand Relationship
  • Understanding Customer Analytics
  • Descriptive Analytics
  • Descriptive Data Collection
  • Net Promoter Score, Self Report and Survey Design
  • Passive Data Collection
  • Predictive Data Analysis & Regression Analysis
  • The Demand Curve & Making Predictions
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Competitions and Online Advertising Models
  • Understanding Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
  • CLV & Customer Relationship Management
  • Customer Acquisition Cost and It`s Calculation
  • Past CLV (PCLV) vs CLV
  • Calculation of CLV
  • Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI)
  • Metrics for Measuring Brand Assets
  • Understanding & Assessing Distinctive Assets 
  • Brand Identity Elements
  • Brand Value and Brand Personality
  • Developing Brand Architecture
  • Measuring Brand Value
  • Revenue Premium as a measure of brand equity
  • Brand Asset Valuator (BAV)
  • Approaches to Forecasting
  • Marketing and Regression Model
  • Managing Customer Equity
  • Customer Valuation
  • Linking Customer Analytics to Customer Value
  • Marketing Mix Modeling
  • Designing Basic Experiments
  • Designing Before After Experiments
  • Designing Full Factorial Web Experiments
  • Analyzing an Experiment
  • Understanding and Calculating Projected Lifts

Web Data Analytics

Marketing today is not only about understanding market and customers. Now you have to target and advertise. You have to understand who, how, how many and from where your customers are searching, finding and connecting you online. We are offering training on some big tools that are used by some gigantic organizations and agencies for there online analytics needs. The best part – A professional of these tools are some top demand in the market. 

  • Understanding Digital Marketing
  • Understanding Digital Marketing Process
  • Digital Marketing Tools
  • Understanding Digital Media
  • Understanding Web Analytics
  • Understanding Digital Data
  • Digital Data Collection & Management
  • Analyzing Digital Data
  • AB Testing
  • Email Marketing Analysis
  • Nature of Web Traffic
  • Components of Web Traffic
  • Understanding Website Traffic Statistics
  • ClickStream Analysis
  • Competitors Web Traffic Analysis & Comparison
  • Understanding Customer Intent and Journey
  • Using Analytic Tools for Web Traffic
  • Understanding E-commerce Customer
  • Multi Channel Analysis
  • Customer Profile Analysis
  • Understanding Shopping Behavior
  • Checkout Analysis
  • Major Tools for Ecommerce Analytics
  • Understanding & Using Google Analytics
  • Understanding & Using Adobe Analytics
  • Understanding & Using Mixpanel
  • Understanding & Using Radian6
  • Understanding & Using Kissmetrics
  • Understanding & Using Cyfe
  • Understanding & Using MOZ
  • Understanding Major Social Media Platforms
  • Components of Social Media
  • Understanding Social Conversations and Trends
  • Collecting & Extracting Social Media Data with Python & R Programming
  • Analyzing Social Media Data
  • Online Reputation Analysis

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