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Mastering Youtube

Take a step forward by Mastering YouTube with YouTube Marketing course and give wings to your creativity.

YouTube Marketing course
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June 30, 2021

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#1 Youtube Marketing course, canva, filmora, video editing & video channel

Key Highlights Of The Program

Mastering Youtube Course Module

This course is thoroughly designed to nurture innovative ideas and creative skills of  young learners .

  • What is YouTube
  • Why YouTube is so popular
  • Concept of you tube
  • Signup in YouTube
  • Start Your YouTube Channel
  • Design and Add Channel Art
  • Add Your Channel Description
  • Customize Your Channel Layout
  • Add a YouTube Channel Trailer
  • Verify Your Channel and Important Settings
  • Upload Defaults, Featured Content, and Branding
  • Uploading a Video: titles, Descriptions, Thumbnails, and Tags
  • Adding YouTube Cards and End Screens
  • YouTube SEO: Watch Time vs. View Count
  • The Community Tab
  • Going Live on YouTube
  • Free Music Library on YouTube
  • Find the trending topic
  • Understand your niche
  • Spy on Your Competitors with Social Blade
  • TubeBuddy Tutorial: Optimize Your YouTube Experience
  • It’s All About Video Quality
  • Essentials of a Great Video
  • What Type of Video Should You Make?
  • Exploring Great Video Ideas
  • Planning Your Video
  • Does Equipment Matter?
  • Camera Recommendations
  • Microphone Recommendations
  • Lighting Recommendations
  • Editing Application Recommendations
  • How to Expose Your video
  • How to Compose Your video
  • Filming Yourself
  • Getting the Right Shot
  • Choosing a Background
  • Background Setup
  • How to download and install Filmora 9
  • Understanding the interface
  • Importing media files in filmora and arranging them
  • Trimming in Filmora 9
  • Rendering a video in filmora 9
  • Using Fillmora Instant Cutter Tool
  • Merging two videos of different resolution and frame rates
  • Color correction in videos
  • Adding logo in videos
  • Removing background noise from videos
  • Adding background music to videos
  • Adding subtitles , openers , end credits and lower thirds
  • Creating intro
  • How to place your video inside text
  • What is thumbnail
  • Concept behind the thumbnail
  • Size of the thumbnail
  • Use contrasting colours
  • Logo placement
  • Irrelevant images
  • Focus on main point
  • Introduction to Canva
  • Design thumbnail of Canva
  • Upload the thumbnail on YouTube
  • More Views with Better SEO
  • What Types of Videos Should You Create?
  • Why Do Subscribers Matter?
  • Get More Subscribers with  Gleam.io Giveaway
  • Where Should You Put Links?
  • Calls to Action
  • Internal Linking
  • More Video Resources & Tips
  • Commit to Posting to YouTube Multiple Times Per Week
  • Develop a Sustainable Video Production Workflow
  • Begin Each Video With an Interesting Hook
  • Keep Titles and Opening Credits Short
  • Add End Screens to Promote Your Videos, Channel, or Website
  • Direct sale
  • Soft Sale
  • Email Marketing
  • Subscriber Funnel
  • Types of Ads on YouTube
  • Chart: YouTube Ad Types
  • The Quick and Easy Way to Create YouTube Ads/Promotions
  • Setting Up Your Ad Campaign
  • Choose audience for Your Ad including Retargeting
  • Choose Where Your Ad Shows Up
  • What is Monetization
  • What is Sponsorship
  • What is Affiliate Marketing
  • Eligibility for Monetization
  • Apply for the adsense account
  • Adsense Setup
  • Starts Earning

Learn From Industry Experts

What Makes Our Students Innovative , Creative & Confident ​

Our industry mentors help you carve out the best career path based on your skillset.

Our industry mentors help you carve out the best career path based on your skillset.

Our industry mentors help you carve out the best career path based on your skillset.

Our industry mentors help you carve out the best career path based on your skillset.

Mastering Youtube

Start your Digital Career by attending a FREE Live MasterClass and experience learning the Digigyanshala way

Get Certified From Digigyanshala

On successful completion of the Mastering Youtube Course, you will be awarded an certificate which will certify you as a . We are renowned amongst India’s top brands and ad agencies for being an MBA level intensive programmed and hence this certification will go a long way to showcase your industry readiness. This Post Graduation shall also help you prepare for Google and Facebook certifications.

Tools You’ll Master


Short Courses

  • Python
  • Mastering Youtube
  • Website Designing
  • Affiliate Marketing


Mastering Youtube
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